Investment Criteria


We are focused on industry verticals where our Team has significant knowledge and experience. These include media, entertainment, communications, and business services. However, we do consider other sectors with the right partner, including real estate and financial services.


We target growth and value oriented transactions in cash flowing companies with sustainable value propositions.

Capital Required

We typically invest $5-$50 million, but have the flexibility and capital resources to make smaller and larger investments where appropriate.


We provide flexible growth capital that is tailored to fit what our management teams need - that may include a buyout of a majority shareholder, a minority investment, or debt-like instruments.


Core to our investment approach is partnering with strong management teams. We seek teams that have a track record of success, that are open to advice, and are eager to build long-term value for all the shareholders. We seek to assist management teams in creating long-term value through our active board involvement, extensive industry relationships, and strong structuring and M&A skills.

Philosophy on Timing

Our goal is to create substantial shareholder value for our investors and management partners. As such, we take a long-term but opportunistic view regarding realizing liquidity on our investments.